Everything you must know about high-frequency trading

Everything you must know about high-frequency trading

High-frequency trading (HFT) is a method of stock market trading in which the computerized system used by the trader places a large number of orders at extremely high speeds. What exactly is high-frequency trading? HFT describes any automated trading strategy and operates on algorithmic or pre-programmed rules in very basic terms. These trading strategies utilize sophisticated technology and powerful computers to complete transactions at rates never before possible in the financial markets we see today. It would have been impossible for a machine to do this so quickly a few decades ago. Still, with the advent of ultra-fast internet speeds, Continue Reading →

Mt4 Vs Mt5- The Best Time for Each Platform

There was a massive shift in traders’ view of the market after mt4 introduction in forex trading in 2005. Not only was analysis simplified, but a chunk of forex traders discovered forex trading so reliable that they invested heartily in it. A few years down the line, MetaQuotes created mt5. A chunk of traders initially questioned the need for another trading platform when most of them were pleased with mt4. Some years later, the traders realize the logic behind the mt5 invention. The more exciting part is that despite the continuous growth of mt5 in the market, majority of brokers Continue Reading →

How to trade the trend line with the high level of accuracy

The trend is your friend, a well-known proverb in the Forex market. The professional traders always suggest the new traders to trade with the market trend. If you place a trade with the trend, you can reduce your risk exposure significantly. The novice traders don’t want to follow this simple rule and as a result of this, most of them blow their trading account. You might be thinking how to trade with the market trend with a high level of accuracy. There are some certain steps that you need to follow to become a professional trend trader. Things might seem Continue Reading →