The rapid rise of social trading in Asia

It is evaluated that Asia-Pacific (barring Japan) will amount to 26% of the world’s financial wealth by 2019, contrasted with 21% in 2014. As a result of this increase, Asian investors are feeling more confident about taking risks and investing in non-traditional financial product like indices and forex on social trading websites. Social trading websites are forex online trading sites that empower dealers to cooperate with different financial specialists, basically to share thoughts on how to maximize return on investment while minimizing the risks. Plenty of social trading websites have made it possible to copy the trades of a successful Continue Reading →

US consumer’s current sentiment and economic overview

The economic global crisis has created a massive confusion in the US consumer sentiment. The last FOMC meeting minutes by the FED has created huge volatility in the financial market without giving a straight forward clue about the country’s economy and rate change a decision of the central bank. According to the researchers, despite the low-interest rate, the country inflation rate is expected to stay in the optimum region due to the low personal income of the US citizen. Currently, the consumer sentiment is been tested  with four-month low data with a great expectation of clear rate hike decision by Continue Reading →