A different approach to trend trading method in the market

‘Trend’ is important in the Forex market because the traders trade the trend. The trend trading strategy is used by all the traders. The main reason for using the trend trading is because of the simplicity. It helps the traders to identify the strong trend and also it helps the traders to ignore the weak trends. If you want to succeed in the Forex market it is better to be updated about the trading trends. In order to trade the market effectively, being aware of the current trends and historical data is essential. Making proper trading decision is the core Continue Reading →

How to catch the big fish with Metatrader

In the Foreign exchange market trading is easy if you can trade with the trend. It’s important to catch the big fish (good trade) by the Metatrader indicators. If you are trading using the Metatrader platform then we will mention few indicators which can be used to spot profitable trades to make more money. Metatrader platform is ideal for trading Forex and also the traders will be able to gain advice from the experts since there are millions of traders who use the Metatrader platform. The platform provides ample opportunities for the traders such as advanced system, flexible trading, expert Continue Reading →

How to manage your risks like the pro traders

In the Forex market, managing the risk is the important thing. Unless you manage the risk you cannot trade the Forex market. You would have heard about cutting the losses short, limiting the risk and etc. but do you really know what it means? Why managing the risk is so important? The basic concept of risk management is that you should never afford more than you can bear, you should never risk an amount which you are not capable of. This mistake can be seen in the novice traders’ even though at times can be seen in professional traders too. Continue Reading →

How to avoid over trading in forex market

Forex market is high leverage market and it can offer potential financial freedom to the right candidate. There are many traders in the world who are leading a high standard of life just by trading the financial assets in the market. Due to its high leverage, the traders can easily trade high lot size trade in the market with a very small amount of trading capital. This is one of the main reason that forex is getting popular among the retail trader’s community. In the past forex trading was only limited to large banks and institution since there was no Continue Reading →

How to set the perfect price action trading environment in mt4 platform

There are numbers of different trading strategy in the financial world and this greatly varies from traders to traders. Most of the retail traders start their trading career with indicator based trading strategy but over the course of time, they realize that in order to make money by trading the financial instrument they need to have a perfect way of trading the live assets in the market. Since indicators always give leading or lagging signal in the market they novice traders are never able to execute high-quality trades in the dynamic market. But by using the price action trading strategy Continue Reading →